The biggest commercial laundry in Warsaw and Mazovia

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The biggest commercial laundry in Warsaw and Mazovia

The Piwowar Laundry Ltd. with its seat in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki has a long standing experience on the laundry market. The company was established according to the best European patterns with using Know-how of its foreign global Partners during the development.

We provide services of the highest worldwide level of technological advance by using for this purpose an infrastructure consisting of the main workshop, supporting laundries and retail laundry outlets.


The PIWOWAR Laundry offers complex laundry services including:

  • water laundering and mangling of small & large sized underclothes
  • water laundering and mangling of stylish underwear
  • chemical cleaning of hotel guests' clothes and other textile products
  • chemical cleaning of working clothing
  • ironing
  • thermal & chemical disinfection
  • removing persistent stains and dirts
  • repairing damaged underclothes
  • foliation
  • transport
  • securing racks with protective covers
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